a young, smart and creative company beyond the ordinary

We're probably one of the few lucky companies on the market with a full brain...

What we do is help businesses and fellow developers unleash their creativity and connect to their audiences. We offer entry-level, standard and high-end off the shelf solutions or develop on demand solutions based on your specificationsand expectations.
Ok, but what has the full brain got to do with?

As a company the MGC Ltd. succeeds in balancing the left and right brain halves. That's why we structured our offering into two main areas of competence.

Still reading? Great, that means that you have a sound level of curiosity and perhaps want to know how you can capture your customers' REAL attention about what you do and truly stand out as an innovative and smart company that's worth doing business with.

Basically we do two things: be creative and develop tools. The one goes hand in hand with the other. To boost our creativity we created our own digital tools and frameworks.
ready-to-implement standard to high-end apps

MGC has available a host of ready-to-implement standard to high-end apps for mobile devices, laptop and desk stations to help the corporate world produce impressive and engaging marketing media or training experiences.
We see it as our mission to serve the industry and provide applications that enable them to offer new distinctive services that differentiate them from their competitors.

Our digital products may be used as a bento box and leverage on the strength, efficiency, security, reliability, traceability (analytics) and scalability of native programming. With one thing in mind: making extraordinary things happen.
Digital Products graph
B2B & B2C

We work side-by-side with our partners and our B2B and B2C customers to give life digital tools that are efficient, memorable and distinctive. But when we do it we don't forget our left brain half, which means that we remain in full control of what happens on the "material side" of the equation.
That's because we can rely on our own tools, which gives us a real good grip on the cost side. We truly walk the extra-mile for our customers, are a lot passionate and take a good deal of pride in what we do.
free from technology and vendor issues

As a one-stop-agency, we take care of the complete production chain. We want you to be free from technology and vendor issues so that you can fully concentrate in your sales pitch.
Effectively! Efficiently! And in a beyond the ordinary way!