Interactive motion experience

It's proven that Hollywood is better than anyone else at predicting the future - they even beat futurologists — We've all seen in-video interactivity at the movie theatre, and thought WOW GREAT but... we know better ;-)
deeper exploration and extensive acknowledgement from within the scene

Forget about buttons, banners and any other overlay on your mobile screen when playing a video. We are talking about a complete different league of in-video interaction.

Virtually any object or dedicated spot on a movie can be virtualized and made accessible—via 3D tracking mode—for deeper exploration and extensive acknowledgement from within the scene - or to simply launch one of the device built-in feature like messaging, share, camera or gyroscope...

The user is in full control of the experience he/she wants to settle for. The same applies for those companies who want to disseminate product placements inside a video - there is now a smart new option to avoid cluttering the ads while providing an in-depth option that is always available to the end user.
Interactive motion experience scheme interactive motion experience blueprint
• Full 3D tracking of the scene and object with the possibility to launch and interact with a real-time 3D virtualized asset on an upper layer.
• Access directly from the video sequence to a web content, social channel or ecommerce site.
• Launch, from an assigned moving target an extended animation, video o kinematic sequence or simply an image gallery.
• No need to wear special headset to dig deeper into the interactive 3D real time contents and assets.
• Benefit from the scalability of the experience, from smart phones to medium to large touch screen and walls, that allows the ImX platform to be use in sales, training, live marketing and showrooms.
• Boost the iX and leverage from the built-in hardware features like WiFi and Bluetooth connections, streaming, messaging, camera, control the 3D real time assets with gyroscope or share contents with your target group.
The potential for the industry looks tempting and financially attractive. Until now, many industries invested and boosted their video archives for multiple purposes: to present USPs, product features, materials, or to show manufacturing processes or show built-in innovations.

However, today's target audiences generally are tech savvy and definitely expect information to come in new, compelling and interactive ways. We all want to have full control, the freedom of when and how to experience information, and experience the innovative edge of a brand.

Companies looking to implement their training sessions iX (interactive experience) on products, manufacturing processes and services can leverage from the combination of two—or more—technologies, that will increase the learning curve.
Sit back and relax does not apply to today's audience... hands on folks, dig deeper!