Augmented (bento) box

With regard to our digital products we took our inspiration from the single-portion take-out (or take-away if you prefer...) meals that you commonly find in Japan.
"pick what you need"

What triggered our interest however was not the beautiful packing but rather the concept beneath it, that is, its functionality, and the strategic approach it suggested for our sales, marketing and training activities, which is some sort of "pick what you need".

We developed a ready-to-implement mobile app that you can easily scale up to touch wall size for fairs or showroom purposes. It takes full advantage of 3D real-time capabilities and allows you to control and interact with highly accurate 3D models, with a very high sense of realism of the materials, and kinematics. The app comes with built-in capabilities — i.e. available directly from within the 3D model — to access marketing and storytelling pieces of your product and services.
Augmented bento box scheme augmented (bento) box blueprint
• Pick&Play the real-time 3D virtualized assets directly form the tray's overview, zoom-in to the tiniest geometry, explore the surface finishing, benefit from the 3D touch gesture for an depth navigation.
• Swipe tray-by-tray the entire assets' collection you have in catalogue. Group them accordingly to your needs creating new sets of favorites. Link the AbB with your cloud repository for an exclusive up-to-date flawless experience.
• Launch from a pre-assigned hotspot an extended animation, video o kinematic sequence or simply a flip through an image gallery, studies, or audio files. Direct access from the 3D asset to a web based tool or repository, social channel or e-commerce site.
• No need to wear special headset to dig deeper into the interactive experience, 3D real time assets and contents.
• Benefit from the scalability of the experience, from mobile devices to medium & large touch screen and tables that allows the AbB to be use in sales, training, live marketing and showrooms.
• Leverage from the built-in hardware features like WiFi and Bluetooth connections, streaming, messaging, camera, control the 3D real time assets with gyroscope or share contents with your target group.
The Augmented (bento) Box app is easily customizable to meet your company’s look & feel and brand guidelines. And it can be enriched with a full set of extended features that can be embedded or programmed on demand.
No need to wonder any further with binders, catalogues and suitcases full of parts and samples.